New year, new country



New year; starting it off right in Costa Rica. So far we have enjoyed a leisurely breakfast consisting of fresh fruit and coffee, went down to the beach for some swimming and a workout, walked into town for breakfast and smoothies and now getting ready to take a siesta. And its only 1 in the afternoon. Life is good.
This town has been extremely busy since we’ve been here with many tourists and locals for new years. The beach is littered with tents and the smell of barbeque chicken and charcoal is wafting up to our balcony. So far we have encountered few English-speaking people, forcing us to practice our español. We hear this town has beautiful sunsets, so a little sunset yoga session will definitely be happening this evening.
Loving life today and so thankful to be here!


3 thoughts on “New year, new country

  1. Hey guys….so prompt,so wonderful for you to share! Lovely time 🙂 Ry,your audio was clear. Lovyas….hey you look hot,ha! -28 here! Hugs

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