Getting Groceries


This truck comes once a week and is basically our one shot at buying produce, so we loaded up! Otherwise we’re living out of a corner store. Going to rent bikes for the next few days because walking sucks.

Surf lesson at 3 today, hoping not to get owned by the waves again. As much as having snowboarding experience helps with my default left/right balance, it messes with my stance and front/back weight distribution. The waves don’t like it when my back leg carries too much weight (they don’t push me) nor do they like when I drive the nose of the board down below the surface (I get launched). Apparently having some Muay Thai training is also helpful in defending your head from getting whacked by the board when things go wrong.


About Ryan

I write about the stubborn pursuit of passion, the side-stepping of social obligation, and tactics for living a happier life.

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