Packing Light

Me on a typical travel day

Many people asked me before we Left on our trip “what are you packing?” This was something that took lots of thought and planning on my part, especially not knowing how long we would be traveling for. After a few attempts packing, eliminating and re-packing, and lots of inspiration from Ryan and his amazing ability to pack ridiculously light, this is what I came up with:

My stuff

As you can see in the picture I don’t have many clothes, a few tank tops, skirts, shorts, a couple light dresses, and some bathing suits. I also packed some warmer clothes like leggings, socks, a sweater and a rain jacket in case we’re in a chillier place. My favoutite items in that bag are my skipping rope, which I’ve been using almost every day, and my yoga mat. In the green and yellow cases I have toiletries, contacts, vitamins as well as a ‘medical kit’ which includes any drugs needed (immodium, benadryl,  cipro, ibuprofen, band aids, polysporin, etc). I must say, it feels pretty amazing to use every item in my bag, it’s all I’ll really need for the next few months. And what feels even more amazing is seeing other backpackers with 40kilo backpacks who are traveling for a only few weeks… Its way more convenient to travel this light!

On another note, we’re in a new town called Santa Teresa in Puntarenas on the Pacific coast. I’m lounging by the pool at our hostel after doing some yoga on the beach and Ryan is surfing the big boy waves! I mean BIG, like 3 times the size of the waves we learned on (which is why i’m not in there too)!

Happy Monday everybody 🙂


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