Birthdays: 27 vs 28


Woke up to a note from Lia with instructions on what to do that day. Custards in the fridge, new hockey stick hidden behind the curtains in the living room, I ate the custards, packed up my hockey stuff and walked down to Queen. On the way to the rink, I picked up a couple tallboys and loaded one into my hockey water bottle. Played hockey and drank all day, then came home and ate the Pad Thai Lia had hidden in the bottom of the fridge for me. Lia Finished work, took me out for a steak dinner at the Nose, then took me to Ceili’s Cottage for a pint. My friends ambushed me at the bar as well. Beach themed party that weekend with the heat cranked up. Best birthday ever.


Spent the morning relaxing by the pool in Santa Teresa. Lia “went for a walk” and returned with a Hawaiian pizza and a chocolate shake, with a nice birthday note on top. We ate, drank, lazed around and digested, then headed to the beach for a surf and some yoga. The waves were perfect, and I actually surfed a few of them like I knew what I was doing. It was a blast. We made our way back to the hostel, grabbed our beer and returned to the beach with new friends Jacky and Matt. We constructed a fire using palm leaves as starter. They took flame as if they had been dipped in kerosene, so I guess they have some kind of natural oil in them which contributes to their combustibility. Thousands of hermit crabs swarmed all over the sand. We discovered that dry, dead coconuts make incredible fire material; they light easily and burn for a long time. I saw a funny looking scorpion without a tail.


As it turns out, it was a Blackband Land Crab. Still scared me pretty good when it bolted out from under a log I was going to burn. After the fire we went to Alma Restaurant for sushi and pad thai. An amazing birthday, the best ever, and will be tough to top next year!


About Ryan

I write about the stubborn pursuit of passion, the side-stepping of social obligation, and tactics for living a happier life.

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