Surfing Turtle Lodge

We have landed in my ideal paradise. Yesterday we left Granada and had a fairly smooth day of travel (2 busses, 2 taxi’s, a boat and a long walk on the beach) to Surfing Turtle lodge about 40 minutes outside of Leon.
Upon arriving we saw a large straw-roof hut, a few small cabinas, tents and large solar panels to the side. This eco-lodge is totally off the grid and runs off solar power.
We were shown to our private room upstairs and I immediately felt like a queen. We have a 4 poster bed with clean white sheets, high open ceilings, drapes blowing in the wind, by far this is the nicest room we’ve had so far! I awoke this morning to the sun rise out our window, which I wasn’t expecting because the sunsets here are beautiful, and usually you either have sunsets or sunrises, this place has both!
I practiced yoga at the foot of our bed this morning feeling the breeze and hearing sounds of waves, a perfect way to start my day.
Everything works on a tab system here, and they just have 1 restaurant. If I were to come back here I would make sure to pack my bags with snacks and fruit so I wouldn’t have to buy every meal, but they’re cheap, so its all good. We have some fun activities planned for the day and will be playing beach volleyball later in one of their daily tournaments.
They also have a turtle egg hatching area so we are really hoping to see a baby turtle and release it!

Here are a few pics so far:

Volleyball court and straw huts out front.
The ocean view from our window.
The new hostel guard dog.
The hostel begger - at leasr she's cute.

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